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How to Create an Avatar

May 29, 2015

Ever commented on a blog post or a forum and want more than an empty image that resembles a game piece on a board game to represent you? Or you have created a website using WordPress and can’t figure out why your picture is not showing up? Then you need to create an avatar. It’s a simple and easy process that allows you the freedom to add either an image of yourself, or a picture of your choice.

Before I walk you through the steps on how to create one, I want you to first give some thought to the picture that you want to use. Think about what it is that you do online and how you want to come across to others. Are you a gamer who wants a more arty image, not necessarily a photo of yourself so that you can remain anonymous? Or are you a writer who wants to create a professional image of yourself? These are all things to think about when deciding on which image to use.

Steps to creating your Gravatar:

  1. Go to Gravatar
  2. Click ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’
  3. Create an account, or if you are already registered with WordPress then log in.
  4. You will then need to confirm your account via email if you have created a new account.
  5. After confirmation you will be taken to a page that says ‘Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet! Add one by clicking here!’ – follow the prompt and click here.
  6. Select which method you would like to upload your image from
  7. Upload your image and click ‘next’
  8. You may then crop your image, so click ‘Crop and Finish’
  9. Click ‘G’ rated, if you click a higher rating, then you will find that your image won’t show up on most websites. Unless your image is not ‘G’ rated, but I really recommend you re-think your image choice if it is not.
  10. Select the image below, and click ‘Confirm Image’
  11. In the highlighted box click ‘Check this Gravatar’
  12. Your gravatar will be updated online within 5-10 minutes.
Image Source: VectorStock